Email Marketing | Marketing Automation

We help businesses just like yours market themselves online. But the real goal for business owners is sales, and there are now tools that bridge the marketing-sales gap. We do this by focusing on automating the sales funnel as much as possible, from leads at the top through most of the qualification process. The output: qualified leads that are more ready to buy.  Technically it is email marketing and marketing automation. Likes and shares are fine, but we come from sales, we come from management, so we know what needs to get done at the end of the day.

We run complete programs, including strategy, design, implementation, content creation, and execution. That means we take a thorough look at your marketing needs and put together a comprehensive marketing program.

We’ll put you on the email marketing platform that matches your budget, strategy, and program Constant Contact Partner Certificationsophistication. For more email-centric programs, that could be Constant Contact, Emma, Robly, or MailChimp. We’re partners for all of them.

We also provide text marketing services.

For more complex applications, we automate and integrate with “connector” tools like Zapier or Flow. These are great tools that allow a lot to be accomplished for not a lot of money. For more comprehensive marketing, CRM, and sales automation programs we’ll use fully-featured platforms.

Let’s not forget content. We are an excellent writing shop, with a deep bench of editorial talent.  Customer-centric content, written in the voice of the client. Key words and phrases are included in the content, but never placed in the way of telling a good story. We admire the Oxford comma, and deplore any attempt by a dependent clause to lead when it clearly should follow.

We also provide pretty much everything else “online-marketing” through our agency partners:

      • LinkedIn
      • Social media
      • SEO/SEM
      • PR
      • Graphic design
      • Photography
      • Video
      • Market research
      • Websites