How to Use Digital Marketing to Double Sales Without Spending a Lot of Time and Money


How do I use digital marketing to double sales – without spending a lot of time and money?

So that is the question business owners want answered. At least that is what we were told when we asked the local SCORE chapter what they were hearing from their clients and what should be the topic of our next presentation. Which immediately led to the rhetorical question: What are we, magicians? (we are not).

But, it was an interesting analogy. Magic, at least the show business version, is based on illusion and distraction; magicians are billed as “illusionists.” And, if you can sense where this is going, thinking that something can happen in business without some investment or effort is illusory (at best).

Businesses can put online marketing programs on “autopilot “, so maybe it appears that results are occurring without effort.  However, there is undoubtedly cost associated with either a piece of technology, a process, or someone else doing the heavy lifting, albeit out of sight.

We know a mid-sized, regional service company that will be pleased to tell you they receive five to ten high-quality leads from their online marketing efforts every week. The uninitiated will probably focus on those results and not hear them add there were six months of full-price investment in the program before it started to produce any results.

How do you double sales? Have a plan. Know your audience and segment. Test. Share relevant content with those who want to hear from you. Have a reasonable budget. Be patient. And if you can’t afford to do it right or wait for it to produce, you can’t afford it. Period.

We are happy to tell you the average ROI for email marketing programs is over $44. We are not bound by regulation to add a disclaimer that your results may vary. But we should be. Because they will. And if you try to take any magical shortcuts, we can guarantee it.