Social Advocacy

Social Advocacy

Your Messaging on LinkedIn

Shared by Supporters

Social Advocacy programs leverage the features of the LinkedIn platform and custom-designed program elements by LucidPointe to get people working together to support your mission in a comprehensive and coordinated way.  Advocates are recruited on LinkedIn and invited to join in the mission by sharing your messages
Educate, create awareness, build thought leadership, generate donation sources, and build a movement from the professional business community. A Social Advocacy program will align your supporters towards any number of common goals:

Increase Issue Awareness

Increase Organizational Awareness & Reach

Drive Content Distribution & Engagement

Generate Donations & Support

Build for Action

LinkedIn, with over 450 million members, is not just for job-seekers – it is a tremendous resource for social organizations to identify and connect with business professionals and LinkedIn members.

Custom Design

Strategic Alignment

Incorporates Your KPIs

Consistent & Compliant Participation

Management and Feedback Tools

Deployment & Training

Success with Social Advocacy

Who can be successful with an Social Advocacy program?  Anyone who would benefit from engaging business people and professionals on LinkedIn– and keep in mind that LinkedIn is often the only social media channel that enables you to reach these people.  And we’ll show you how.

Intrigued?  We thought so.  To learn more how a Social Advocacy program can help you accomplish your mission, give us a call at 203.202.9406 or email us: