From Email Marketing to Marketing Automation

Consider Marketing Automation for your business when the ‘regular’ online marketing channels alone don’t give you the insight or results you need. And if you have a seemingly intractable marketing issue, like leads from trade shows vanishing into the sales follow-up abyss, Marketing Automation is something you should consider, too.

If you are the bakery on the corner, fair chance you will be satisfied with regular email marketing.  Maybe you add a coupon and track redemptions to measure the efficacy of the campaigns, giving you a nice one-one correlation between sales and your email marketing efforts.

If your business is more complex, usually B2B, a longer sales cycle, or a more sophisticated decision-making process by your customers, it can be more difficult to draw those correlations. And when you ask folks like us about the ROI, we’re going to talk about getting you looks and leads, with the real determinant of the ROI being the efficacy of your sales process.

Marketing Automation can fill the gap. It is highly email-dependent, which is a great channel for nurturing. But it also allows marketers to personalize and target a prospect’s experience in multiple ways; most notably (by capturing a name and placing a tracking cookie) the ability to personalize content during website visits.

The Automation platforms do even more. They will centralize information about prospect visits and behaviors. With the addition of rules, prospects can be “scored”, and routed to different experiences and content in real-time based on their behaviors.

All this used to be very expensive; prohibitively so for most SMB use-cases. But that is no longer uniformly accurate. Lower-tier products have added rudimentary automation functions, enterprise solutions offer “slimmer” versions, and new market entrants have refined the service offerings to be both affordable and fully-featured.

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