Employee Advocacy Programs

Employee Advocacy –

Employees Sharing Support

for the Company’s Brand, Product, or Service


Employee advocates are ‘raving fans’ with difference; they are experts on your product or service with an intimate knowledge of the company’s culture, mission, and product/service excellence.

The result – a measure of authenticity with prospects and business partners that is almost impossible to duplicate by any other means.

Employee advocates also help attract and retain the best talent. Advocacy spurs higher levels of employee loyalty and engagement, and helps to build and maintain the reputation of the company as a desirable place to work.

Sales, business development, consultants, attorneys, and accountants are typical groups that can educate, create awareness, build thought leadership, generate leads and referrals, or just sell more.

An Employee Advocacy program will help achieve many goals:

Increase Awareness

Extend Brand Reach

Drive Content Distribution & Engagement

Generate Leads and Sales

Build Brand Authenticity

Foster Team Engagement

Build Employer Reputation

LucidPointe’s Employee Advocacy programs are generally marketing-first, designed to help generate awareness, interest, and sales.

Programs are based on the sharing of company content by employees on their personal social media networks. Tools may include an online platform to distribute content to employees, with a mobile app for employee sharing.

Custom Designed Programs

Strategic Alignment

Incorporates Your KPIs

Consistent & Compliant Participation

Management and Feedback Tools

Deployment & Training

Success with Employee Advocacy

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