Email Marketing: Still Not Dead Yet

Just like Mark Twain, reports of whose death was “an exaggeration” to say the least (he was alive at the time), email as a platform and as a marketing vehicle have many times in recent years been declared to be on the brink of a similar fate.

Turns out not to have been the case; in fact, never to have been the case. Email remains strong and viable. While certainly the object of disdain by some, marketers continue their love affair with the solid, steady performer that is email, with an ROI north of $40 by some measures. The other competing platforms, not coincidentally the loudest proclaimers of email’s demise, struggle in return-calculation comparisons.

Email as a marketing tool benefits from the growth of other platforms that rely on email as a fundamental process; notably marketing and salesforce automation, and CRM systems. As those platforms adopt new technology and deploy new features at lower price points, more businesses can exploit them. Thus, breathing new life into email as a marketing platform itself.

As email marketers with a flair for technical operations and platforms, we certainly do appreciate this convergence. But the big beneficiaries are the businesses that are clever enough to embrace email, whether stand-alone or through an automation platform, as a key part of their digital marketing mix. Of course we can help. Just give us a call.