Email Marketing: Blast or Bullseye?

We will admit to initially disliking the term “email blast”.  Our cardinal marketing concepts have always been segmentation and going for the bullseye. Mass message blasting as a strategy seemed almost heretical.  However, email blasting does work for some top-of-mind and reminder-types of messaging, but segmented sending, going for the bullseye, is more effective.

The problem may have been the tools. The small business-focused, price-driven platforms were initially designed simply and without the capability to effectively segment and send.  The necessary features were found in enterprise-grade tools, but they were too expensive, too complicated, and just didn’t make sense for smaller businesses.

Technology to the Rescue

Technology and markets don’t stand still. There have been new entrants in, and in-between, the small business and enterprise spaces.  Platforms on both ends have been moving towards the middle with, respectively, either enhanced or simplified feature sets.

The result is there are now tools firmly in the price range of every small business that offer not only the ability to effectively segment and send, but also to incorporate subscriber behaviors into pre-defined, automated campaigns. Here are just some of the things you can do:

  • Keep a subscriber in the ‘blast’ segment if they don’t open, or don’t engage with your email.
  • Automatically re-assign a subscriber to a ‘bullseye’ segment depending on which link they click in an email – and begin sending that subscriber a different set of messages.
  • Score a subscriber based on their behaviors and interactions, keeping them in the automated nurturing phase until they exhibit the buying signals that warrant a salesperson’s call.

Time to Revisit

A lot has changed. If your business is using email marketing the same way you did two or three years ago, it is time to revisit what you are doing.  We can help.  Give us a visit at and check out the Email Marketing and Marketing Automation pages for more information.